Monday, December 9, 2013

Classic Macintosh

I got this old classic Macintosh SE/30 some time ago and it cost only 5€ to me.
It came with it's original memory of 1 mb RAM, but recently I replaced upgraded it with 4 mb to 5mb.
There is no HDD currently in this setup, but I can deal with it.
Macintosh SE/30
This is what i'm doing right now...


  1. I have an se/30. putting a small harddrive in isnt to hard especially if you use an apple one. I think I found a 350mb apple scsi drive for about $20 US and thats more then enough space. Id like to eventually up the RAM to the full 128mb and convert it to a "clean ROM" system but that is a tad involved.

    1. Yeah. I will be adding HDD also, if I find it cheaply from my region... I have also plans to add more memory in the future, at least i'm going to upgrade to 8Mb (I have been hoarding some memory for my SE/30 lately) BTW. Your ancientelectronics blog is really interesting :)

  2. thank you! I'll do an article on my SE/30 as soon as I get it properly decked out. I'm not really a Mac guy, I prefer PC's but the SE/30 is really the classic mac to have. good luck with yours.


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