Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Nokia Communicator

Oh... Those were the times of innovative technology. I always wanted one of those. Particulary one of those earlier Nokia Communicator models, like 9110 or 9110i.

Recently I got one. The Nokia 9210 Communicator.

Nokia 9210 is so 2000 (Edit: or 1999) -even it was actually released at 2001. A cool gadget back in the day; Cell phone meets Pocket PC -Unfortunately it has little or no use today...

But there is one thing you can still do with 9210: THE TEXT ADVENTURES!
I downloaded Z-machine interpreter for Nokia Series 80 phones. And here we go; Now I am able to play all classic Interactive fiction adventures with real keyboard; And I don't have to sit in front of computer screen.

It would be interesting to get it back to internet, but that would take much more effort than playing simple text adventures...

BTW. It also plays Nethack!

Get Lamp!

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