Wednesday, September 5, 2018

One thing about google Play and older devices

...and one reason why I prefer console (and retro) games

 Long time ago, I purchased Android port of legenadary Carmageddon game from Google Play store. The game was perfect; It ran perfectly on my low-end Gigaset tablet and controls were almost better than the original MsDos/Win95 version.

Some months later the game was suddenly updated, and android 4.x compatibility was somewhat butchered, and the original paid, adfree version of the game was converted to in-app-purchases supported game... And I had auto update enabled in my device, so it updated and then the game didn't work anymore... Yeah... Shit happens

And that is one bad thing about Google's Play store and other digital distribution platforms; App developers can just suddenly change their old feature rich and complete app to something else, instead of releasing the "new" version as different app...

That's why I prefer old game consoles and non-online-updating DRM free PC games; when it comes to ability to play games long after their release date in their original form.

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