Saturday, February 6, 2016

What's up?


Random thoughts and notes about my current (and past) computer/electronics related life:
  • I'm still using my EeePC904 mainly for IRC (hexchat is good) -and to write this blog text.
  • Sony PSP is still my fave. when talking about handheld gaming consoles: It is perfect for running Wolfenstein 3d (and homebrew indie games).
  • I use Chromecast to watch youtube.
  • I have android phone and tablet, they are both really low end.
  • State of electronics is really interesting documentary series about (mainly Australian) electronics hobby culture: 
  • I would like to do some videos about my low-end retro hobby, but my english is so bad that I'm afraid to do any content to youtube (where I'm speaking). maybe some day...

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